We proudly present the winner of the

ViennaPhotoBookAward 2017

first prize

Alternative Moons by Nadine Schlieper and Robert Pufleb

The moon – always source of inspiration and imagination throughout history of wo*mankind. That is why Nadine Schlieper and Robert Pufleb assemble 45 different types as well as lunar landscapes in their first collaborative artists‘ book, Alternative Moons. Setting off on the imaginative journey through fictitious space by browsing the 76 pages of the photobook, the viewer is confronted with a surprising fact on the very last page – turning the reception of the whole book upside down. You are welcome to join the space trip, feel free to discover formerly unseen images of mysterious moons from an unknown galaxy, as the dawn of reality is catching up behind the scenes.

Alternative Moons will be published by AnzenbergerEdition.

second prize

The Black Years 1971-1987 by Libuše Jarcovjáková

The book The Black Years 1971-1987  introduces Libuše Jarcovjáková authentic photographic and literary journals . Spanning the years 1971–1987, the journals wring out the black-and-white everydayness of Prague, Berlin and Tokyo, uncovering the beauty of the era as well as its decay. The book offers an unexpected combination of photographs, journals and letters mapping out 17 years of the raw life.

„I have always moved in extremes. I have lived in bars, worked graveyard shifts at a printing company, gone through dozens of lovers of both sexes, photographed at semilegal gay clubs, even taught the Czech language to Cubans and Vietnamese – while, at the same time, moving through respected artistic circles […]. I was continuously overstepping the borders of both Western countries and social stereotypes, pushing through the era’s stiff manners and morals.“ Libuše Jarcovjáková

third prize

This year we are happy to announce two 3rd prizes. Mariya Kozhanova with her book Two Sisters as well as Viacheslav Poliakov with his book Lviv – Bozha Volya (literally God’s will). Congratulations!


Two Sisters by Mariya Kozhanova

Two Sisters by Mariya Kozhanova is a poetic story about youth at its most powerful and fragile stage. Just like the change of seasons, we could not stop the way of growing up. The beauty of this moment and fragility is fascinating and irritating in the same time. Pure innocence of beliefs and thoughts are intertwining with new desires as they become powerful temptations. The perfect world is becoming too tight and restricted. Unconsciousness is giving permission to break through the vulnerable stage of pure beauty.

Lviv – Bozha Volya (literally God’s will) by Viacheslav Poliakov

Viacheslav Poliakov is documenting a naive visual subculture of a public space, which has become widely spread throughout Ukraine after a fall of the Soviet Union faced globalization. The story is about those of us with whom life just happens. It takes place when the connection between cause and consequence is no longer coherent. For him a central peculiarity of the culture is the absence of conscious author. The objects of city environment are formed by means of accidental interaction of unrelated people, by mistakes, destructions, wild vegetation. Finally, by no one. Everything is God’s will.