We proudly present the winner of the

ViennaPhotoBookAward 2016

first prize

The Modern Spirit is Vivisective
by Francesca Catastini

The Modern Spirit is Vivisective takes the anatomical theatres of the past as its starting point. The lost functionality of these spaces, suspended in a limbo between the carnality of death and the quest for knowledge, leads to embrace dissection and vivisection, metaphorically, as an aesthetic performance. The project is a journey inside the history of the study of the human body and lies in looking at the theatre’s specific scenography of knowledge. Presented as a cornucopia of materials, the images form a telescopic structure divided into overlapping sections relating to the various actions involved in dissection: on looking, on canon lust, on touching, on cutting and on discovering; following in a way the same logic of fragmentation pertaining to anatomy, according to which the comprehension of an object goes through its decomposition into segments. (text: Federica Chiocchetti)

The Modern Spirit is Vivisective will be published by AnzenbergerEdition at the beginning of September 2016!


second prize

This year we are happy to annouce two 2nd prizes. Christine Miess with her book Time Collapsing, as well as Caroline Böttcher with her book Mont Klamott. Congratulations!

Time Collapsing by Christine Miess

In the series Time Collapsing various points in time collapse within each single negative and evolve into a new pictorial word – some of them smooth and gentle, others seething and tempestuous. Equal to an orchestra. Only together with composition, musical score and conductor the notes, the individual instruments unite to form a new melody, a new and distinct acoustic pattern. Dream worlds burst into existence, seduce us to stay, make us pause for a moment. They invite us to search for our long-lost yearnings, show us new perspectives to make them come true.


Mont Klamott by Caroline Böttcher

third prize

The winner of the 3rd prize of the ViennaPhotoBookReview 2016 is Justyna Mielnikiewicz with her book A Ukraine runs through it. Congratulations!