This year, we are very proud to announce that the 1st ViennaPhotoBookReview will take place one day before the festival starts, on Friday, June 13, 2014.


Publishers, gallery owners, curators, critics, and collectors representing small, mid-sized, and major venues from all over Europe, will gather in Vienna to review unpublished photo books. 30 photographers have been selected, who will be given the opportunity to show their photobook dummies to 15 national and international reviewers.

Our goal is to offer talented photographers from around the world a forum to discuss their books with a wide range of photography experts, thereby producing a lively dialogue between the aspiring artists and the experts from various prestigious institutions.

Photographers will have one-on-one meetings with the reviewers. Each review session will last 20 minutes and we will limit the number of participants to assure that everyone receives six reviews each. It is a great way to network. Numerous photographers have walked away with opportunities to publish, exhibit, and sell their work after attending such reviews.


In addition to the primary reviews, we will organize two sessions of open reviews, the first session will only be open to the reviewers who will be selecting the winner of the 1st ViennaPhotoBookReview. All photographers booked for the review are nominees. The second open review will be open to the public. During the open reviews, the photographers will be able to engage in personal exchanges, talk about the presentations in greater detail, and have the opportunity to sell previously published books and small limited edition prints.

Saturday evening, the winner of the ViennaPhotoBookAward will be presented. The 1st prize is a book publication by AnzenbergerEdition (covers production costs of Euro 5000,-).


Monica Alcazar-Duarte
Sabine von Breunig
Alvaro Deprit and Michela Palermo
Kirk Ellingham
Meinrad Hofer
Monika Keiler
Hans Klestorfer
Dagmar Kolatschny
Christian Kosfeld
Tanja Lažetić


Dhruv Malhotra
Gen Matsueda

Olga Matveeva
Rob McDonald
Stefanie Moshammer
Jeppe Bøje Nielsen
Vesselina Nikolaeva
Michele Palazzi
Andrea Pass
Kurt Prinz


Mafalda Rakoš and Iuna Vieira
The Shilo Group

Christian Stemper

Dana Stölzgen

Timotheus Tomicek
Sebastian Toth
Imrich Veber
Johanna Ward
Christoph Welkovits
Maciek Zych

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